Science is composed of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Departments, and General Science is taught as a mixed subject in Years 7 and 8.  Most Science is taught within our striking, three-storey Science Block, and we also have the General Science area that is given over to the teaching of Key Stage 3.  Some lessons are also taken in the one science laboratory in the STEM Centre.  The Centre was opened in 2018 by Professor Sir Robert Winston.

Most boys will study AQA Separate Sciences at GCSE, with a smaller cohort studying the AQA Trilogy Combined Science course.  Whatever the route, boys are taught by specialists in each of the scientific disciplines.  All three subjects have excellent numbers and a strong academic ethos at A Level.

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Biology  |  Chemistry  |  Physics

Our bespoke Key Stage 3 course taught in Years 7 and 8 is fully aligned with the KS3 National Curriculum.  The boys begin their journey in secondary science via a curriculum that is delivered through practical-based learning wherever possible, to engage and enthuse them in the fascinating world of science.  We also focus our approach on pupils learning how to learn through the development of thinking skills.  Our aim at the end of KS3 is for learners to have developed a well-grounded knowledge of the fundamental principles that underpin the Sciences and prepare them for their KS4 course, whilst maintaining their enthusiasm for and curiosity about the subject.  They will develop an ability to think like a scientist, apply the scientific method and be able to plan and carry out investigations. 

Key Stage 3

In Year 7, boys are taught by one Science teacher in form groups.  Over the course of the year our learners will study the following topics:

  • Chemical reactions
  • The Particle Model
  • Cells
  • Reproduction
  • Energy Resources
  • Atoms and Bigger Things
  • Forces
  • Variety and Classification

In year 8, the boys are partially placed in sets and continue to be taught Science.  Over the course of the year our learners will study the following topics:

  • Plants
  • Light & Sound
  • Inheritance
  • Rocks
  • Human effects on the environment
  • Metals and Reactivity
  • Energy/electricity
  • Space
  • Speeding Up
  • Simple electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Food and Digestion
  • Respiration and Circulation

Key Stage 4

Please see separate subject pages for Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Key Stage 5

Please see separate subject pages for Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Exams & Assessment

Assessment throughout Key Stage 3 takes place regularly utilising opportunities for pupils to share their learning, thus enabling effective and reflective feedback to take place.  Three more formal assessment opportunities take the form of two written tests and an annual examination over the course of an academic year.  The results are reported to the boys’ parents and guardians.  Crucially, these tests are used primarily as an additional opportunity to give the boys formative feedback aimed at helping them to progress further in their learning.

Enrichment & Extra-curricular

The science department offer extended Science learning opportunities through our extra-curricular club provision.  We have recently set up a Gardening Club and hold a half-termly Science Club for selected Year 7 students.

Resources & Reading List