School Uniform

The following uniform is required for pupils between Years 7 to 11

Black, with a school crest  (school crest may be purchased and ironed or sewn on to a plain black blazer or parents may purchase a WBGS blazer).


School tie. 

Grey or black. Pullovers should show the  knot of the tie.

Black or dark grey and of conventional cut and design.

Black, leather, business style, clean and in a reasonable state of repair.
Boots,  plimsolls, trainers or suede shoes are not acceptable.
Trainers are only worn for playing games at lunchtimes. In exceptional circumstances, such as a medical issue, families should contact the  Head of Year for authorisation of alternative footwear. 

Plain black or dark grey.

Should be plain and not worn indoors.

In extreme weather only, sensible headgear may be worn outdoors.

Outdoor coats
Should not be worn in school buildings. 

Please note: no item of jewellery should be worn to school. This includes all earrings, studs and sleepers.

Sixth Form Dress Code

The following uniform is required for pupils between Years 12 and 13.

Traditional office wear
Suit or a tailored jacket with shirt and tie. Casual wear is not acceptable.

Must be of smart appearance and should be plain. They must show the knot of the tie. 

Black or brown leather

Please note: no item of jewellery should be worn to school. This includes all earrings, studs and sleepers.

Haircuts for all year groups 

Haircuts should be appropriate for a professional work environment and in particular should be away from the face and tied back for safety reasons where necessary.

We require that students avoid unnatural hair dye or patterns shaved into hair or eyebrows

Games and PE Kit (Year 7 to Year 11)


  • White PE polo shirt with the school logo embroidered.
  • White socks
  • WBGS Tracksuit top
  • WBGS Rugby jersey (green/black with red inside)
  • WBGS Rugby shorts (black with embroidery)
  • WBGS Green and black socks
  • Rugby/football boots (kite marked safety studs for rugby)
  • Sports trainers/astroturf boots
  • Mouthguard (for hockey and rugby)
  • Shinpads (for hockey)


  • PE shorts with embroidery
  • WBGS Tracksuit bottoms
  • Hockey stick
  • Cricket Whites

Senior Sports Kit (Years 12 and 13)

Compulsory for boys in Senior Rugby, Hockey and Cricket squads

  • Senior sport T-Shirt
  • Senior sport Hoodie or Midlayer

Optional for all Sixth form students

  • Senior sport T-Shirt
  • Senior sport Hoodie
  • Senior sport Vest
  • Senior sport Midlayer
  • Senior sport Gym Shorts

The School Uniform Policy can be read in full here:

WBGS School Uniform Policy

Where to buy uniform

For information about ordering school uniform for Years 7 - 11, please contact our suppliers directly:


6 Mowat Estate, Sandown Road, Watford, Herts, WD24 7UZ, telephone: 01923 255525

MACPAC Uniform Shop Website


45 High St, Bushey WD23 1BD, telephone 020 8421 9488

DJ Uniforms Shop Website

Second-hand Uniform Shop 

The school second-hand uniform shop is usually open every (by appointment only) Wednesday, 3.15-4.30pm (term time only) and the first Saturday of each half-term, 10am-noon. 

Find out more here - Second-hand uniform shop

Lost Property

Mr Meredith manages lost property. The lost property room is located in the English block and is open at the following times:

Before School 0800-0830

Before School, 0800-0830

If items are lost at the New Field, it is possible to go there direct and check the Lost Property box, if you are able.

Email -

Please ask a Mr Meredith to access the lost property box