Business Partners

The school has a flourishing programme of working with businesses across a number of sectors. These links bring enormous benefits to our students who gain an insight into the world of business and provide opportunities for them to bring their academic skills to bear on real business situations. Over the years we have forged strong partnerships with local businesses across many sectors.

We currently run two annual programmes:

Business Programme

Our annual business programme runs from September to July each year and comprises our Sixth Form Lecture Series, our annual Business Day and our Work Experience Placement Scheme. Businesses are able to work with our pupils raising the profile of their particular sector and organisation and imparting key business skills to our students either through lectures, workshops or placements. Presenting to, or working with a student audience for the first time may be a little daunting, so our staff offer guidance and resources to all our business presenters.  

Mentoring Scheme

The Watford Grammar School for Boys Mentoring Scheme is an innovative programme that puts our A Level students in touch with senior industry experts. Senior professionals from all industries volunteer to be mentors on the programme. Operating between October and August, mentors select a student of their choice. Mentors typically share sector and discipline knowledge, company knowledge, job-hunting tips and any other helpful advice with their mentee. Generally, mentors will dedicate up to 10-15 hours correspondence time with their student between October and August.  

Our programmes provide businesses with a number of key company and employee benefits including the following: 

 Benefits to your company

  • Affiliation with a leading school that has a national and local profile and an outstanding reputation
  • Reach local stakeholders and residents as well as over 5,000 alumni nationally and world-wide
  • Engage in joint public relations and promotional activity to raise brand or product awareness
  • Help you meet your corporate responsibility agenda
  • Develop the next generation of recruits with the right skills and attitudes
  • Improve the communication and management skills of the employees involved
  • Access fresh ideas through the original thinking of young people

Benefits to participating employees

  • Enjoy increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Experience an improvement in their communication skills
  • Become more motivated and responsible
  • Feel a greater degree of ownership of the business
  • "Putting something back"

For more information on how to become a business partner please contact us by email:.