Reporting and Assessment

Parents Evenings are an important part of the school year. It is expected that students will be present at these consultations, either in person or via online systems.

Reports on individual student progress are provided at least every term via email. Your son’s progress against his target grade in each subject will be shown.  Additionally, staff will report on your son’s behaviour in lessons and their attitude to learning. Any areas of concern or areas for improvement are highlighted.

Throughout the year students are encouraged to track their progress as they work towards their targets and potential grades and there are two formal review weeks for such reflection. It is very helpful for parents to take an informed interest in this process. Parents are welcome to contact Form Tutors, Heads of Year or the relevant Assistant Head or teacher should they have any concerns about attendance, behaviour or performance.

Key Stage 5 - Sixth Form 

Academic progress is monitored by frequent departmental tests and assessments. The Heads of Sixth Form monitor students across their subjects and school career. After an initial ‘First Check’ on students’ transition to Sixth Form study in October of the Lower Sixth year, reports on progress, attendance and behaviour are provided to parents electronically. It is important that any problems are discussed with the class teacher, whether they arise from a lack of understanding of key ideas or an inability to master the necessary study skills.