We believe that homework is an important part of the education we offer at Watford Grammar School. The same standards of presentation as apply to classwork must apply to homework and there is the same expectation that all homework will be completed to the best of the student's ability. This must be the case if the setting of homework is to be worthwhile.

The School provides, at a small cost, a very detailed student planner in which homework is recorded.  Your son will be given a planner at the beginning of term and payment will be made via ParentPay. This planner is checked regularly by Form Tutors and parents can support by providing suitable conditions for homework.  
School planners are needed every day.

Homework is provided on a regular basis, the amount of homework may change as a student progresses through the school and individual departments use homework for different specific purposes.  The regular setting and marking of homework is important in order to:

help to establish the discipline and habit of individual work;

encourage students to read up in advance or review the work being undertaken on a regular basis;

enable a swifter coverage of material than would be possible if students did no work outside the classroom;

enable teachers, through careful monitoring, to assess more accurately the understanding of topics covered;

enable students to develop skills such as research, investigation, drafting essays etc. outside the classroom;

provide parents with the opportunity to get involved supporting with their sons’ work.

Deadlines will be set for each piece of work to be handed in.  Homework may be eligible for rewards in the form of House Points where deemed appropriate by teachers. A rising scale of sanctions will be applied in cases where work is not completed satisfactorily or is repeatedly handed in late. The assessment and grading of students’ work is a matter of departmental policy.

How can you support your child?

Parents and carers have a role in ensuring that their sons have a place, and adequate time, to complete homework.  We expect parents to endorse and support our insistence that homework is completed properly. Parents are able to monitor what their son should be doing by checking their planners.  Any concerns or comments over homework can be communicated either through the planner or through direct contact with the school by telephone or email.