The ethos of the school is based on high expectations of work and behaviour, and the pastoral system underpins these expectations while offering substantial levels of nurture and care.

On entry to the school each student is placed in a House form group and remains with this House group throughout their school career. The House system, led by Sixth Formers, fosters links vertically between boys in the School through Sporting events, House competitions and fundraising for charities.

Our pastoral care is built on a strong form tutor system. The form tutor is responsible for students’ progress and welfare throughout their time at the school, thus establishing a solid, caring relationship with each child and also provides the primary link between the school and parents.

Heads of Year co-ordinate the work of form tutors and report to the relevant Assistant Head (Pastoral) where needed. The form group is also the basis for much academic teaching in earlier years of the school as well as for sporting activities