Careers Guidance

All students require information, advice and guidance at key times in their secondary education in order to make informed decisions about their future education and career options.

We seek to inspire all students to have the highest expectations about the careers they might enter and to prepare them for such careers. Our ultimate goal is to provide all students with the qualifications, skills and confidence to achieve lifelong well-being in their work.

WBGS has a statutory duty to provide impartial careers information, education and guidance to all students from Year 8 to Year 13. We provide information, advice and guidance to students so that they are inspired and motivated to fulfil their potential. We also aim to provide students with real-life contacts with the world of work which can help them understand where different choices can take them in the future.

The aims of careers provision at WBGS are:

  • To thoroughly prepare all students for the next stage in their education or training;
  • To promote a culture of high expectations in students and inspire students at WBGS to think imaginatively and ambitiously about their future career options;
  • To promote the value of all subjects, but to emphasise the importance of English and mathematics; above and beyond most schools, to make students aware of and provide opportunities to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and maths;
  • To expose students to a range of interactions with employers;
  • To liaise with and secure access for students to all relevant other sources of CEIAG provision, including local employers and Youth Connexions;
  • To manage the resources available for CEIAG such as to maximise the effectiveness of the provision.

The school's careers leader is currently Jim Macleod, Deputy Headmaster,

Tel: 01923 208900

The grid below sets out the options and careers guidance that students at Watford Grammar School for Boys can expect through their time here. Other ad-hoc and subject-specific services and events may be arranged in addition to what is set out below.




Extracurricular opportunities




Work Experience

Advice Services -external

Advice services- internal










  • PSHE – lesson on GCSE Options from Independent External Advisers YC
  • “Enterprise Day” facilitated by Young Enterprise
  • Visiting writer in English
  • Maths in motion competition



Schedule of 20 lunchtime talks by parents on Monday lunchtimes throughout the year






  • Take Your Son to Work Day in Summer Term
  • YC Independent Advisers 1:1 Guidance Consultations to c. 30 identified students
  • YC Assembly
  • GCSE Options Evening


  • PSHE – Transition to GCSE  (3 lessons)
  • STEM Day for whole year


  • STEM Day (sponsored) for 30-60 students
  • Go4Set (12; depending on corporate sponsorship)
  • Others including Lego Challenge & Maths in Motion



  • YC Independent Advisers 1:1 Guidance Consultations to c. 30 identified students




  • PSHE – lesson on CV writing
  • ‘Learning to Earn’ – facilitated by Young Enterprise
  • National Citizenship Scheme
  • Rampaging Chariots competition – GCSE D&T cohort
  • Maths in Motion competition
  • Morrisby Psychometric Testing (inc assembly)


  • YC Independent Advisers 1:1 Guidance Consultations to c. 40 identified students
  • Army interviews



  • Options Advice
  • PSHE – preparation for work experience



  • Work experience – 1 week July


  • Work experience at Leonardo (6 students)


  • YC Independent Advisers 1:1 Guidance Consultations to c. 60 identified students
  • Assembly from local college on post-16 choices
  • Mind Skills programme with Van Der Spoel
  • Army Interviews
  • OFA assembly
  • UCAS service
  • A Level Options Evening
  • Advice on applications to FE
  • Sessions on apprenticeships and CV writing
  • Assembly on Apprenticeships




  • Sixth Form lectures on Friday afternoons: talks on wide range of careers
  • Y12 Careers Day with Old Fullerians


  • Young Enterprise company programme Y12 (variable)
  • Y12 Young Engineers (6-12 depending on corporate sponsorship)
  • Head Start – STEM  - at university (2-10 students)
  • Y12 Morrisby Psychometric Testing (inc assembly)
  • Y12 Work experience – accommodations
  • Kissing It Better (16 students) ;
  • German Exchange work experience
  • Army interviews
  • Economics: visits from successful recent applicants
  • Computer Science: visits from Anglia Ruskin Uni
  • Geography: 1 day course on Geography courses & careers at the Royal Geog Soc in London every July.
  • PRE: study Business Ethics


  • UCAS service
  • Economics: advice on accountancy programmes

Full details about the school's policy for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is available in the policies tab.