Clubs and Societies

Watford Grammar School for Boys prides itself not only on being a centre for academic excellence but also for having a vibrant and diverse range of clubs and societies which engage pupils and give them the opportunity to discover new passions or pursue their own intellectual interests.

A full timetable of clubs and societies is available for boys via the WBGS Student Google Home Page and through Google Classroom.

Our diverse clubs and societies take place mainly during lunchtimes or after school. Although a member of staff is responsible for each activity, the emphasis is very much on allowing pupils to generate the ideas and drive to make each society a success.

Clubs and Societies currently on offer:

Art Club
Baking Club
Board Game Club
Book Club
Boxing Club
Business Club
Salters Chemistry Club
Chess Club
Chinese Film
Christian Union
Classics Society
Classical Greek Certificate
Computing Society
Debating Society
Dungeons & Dragons
Drama Club
DT Society YES Club
Fantasy Football League
Film Club
Football Discussions Club
Formula One Club
French Club
Gardening Club
Geography Society
German Club
Hiking Club
Hindu Society
History Boys
Homework Club
Jewish Society
Law Society
Lego League
Maths Club (Hans Woyda Prep)
Medical Society
Music Tech
Muslim Society
Philosophy Society
 Advanced Physics
Python Programming
Rampaging Chariots
Science Club
Sikh Society
Spanish Club
Student Newspaper Society
Superhero Club
Senior Orchestra
Brass Ensembles
Piano Trio
Pop Bands
Music Theory
Big Band
Guitar Groups
Show Band
Indoor Hockey
Hockey Skills
Running Club


WBGS Clubs and Societies Timetable can be viewed by students online:  WBGS Student Google Home Page