Events - Arts and Culture at WBGS

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Pablo Picasso

The Arts and culture are an essential element of school life at Watford Grammar School for Boys.  Every student is encouraged to explore their own creativity and find their passion, be it for music, art or drama. The School is fortunate to have excellent performance spaces, art and dance studios in which students can share their works with an audience.

Please explore the music and drama sections below to find out about forthcoming events at Watford Grammar School for Boys.


The Clarendon Muse Concert Hall

Regular Clarendon Muse Concert Hall

We are privileged to be able to host our student performances from the WBGS Music Department's very own concert hall.

The Clarendon Muse, a joint venture between the School and Watford School of Music, is a fantastic performance space that hosts local, regional and national musical events as well as our own student concerts.

Foyer   The Clarendon Muse

The auditorium has been acoustically designed to provide the perfect space for musical performances, with a large foyer from which our parent association the Friends of WBGS serves wine, beer and refreshments.

The concert hall has a capacity ranging between 270/320 seats - please note that at present we are limiting our audience numbers to 200 in response to Covid 19 infection limitation controls. 

The concert hall is an inspiring and wonderful space for our young musicians to perform within, with access to the Steinway grand piano.

If you are interested in hiring The Clarendon Muse Concert Hall, you can find out more here:

Hire of The Clarendon Muse Concert Hall


The James Theatre

James Theatre   empty auditorium 2Watford Grammar School for Boys is fortunate to have a dedicated theatre which is used for all of our drama productions as well as lectures, presentations and assemblies.

The James Theatre is named in after of Mr James, who was actually a chemistry teacher at WBGS in the 60's - however he had a passion for the stage and brought drama to life and so the theatre is named in honour of the inspiration he gave so many students to try their hand at drama. 

The James Theatre is traditional in style, purpose built, with tiered seating, lighting box, a large stage area with wings and a harlequin dance floor.

The foyer area provides a fabulous space, from which the WBGS parent association the Friends of WBGS serve drinks and refreshments from during productions. 

The capacity of The James Theatre is 266 seats .

If you are interested in hiring The James Theatre, you can find out more here:

Hire of The James Theatre at Watford Grammar School for Boys