Model United Nations

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24 May 2023

Model United Nations at Haberdashers’ school this year has proven to be a great success for Watford Boys!!

Carrying forward our victory as the Best Delegation last year, our two delegations of Cuba and South Africa won seven individual awards in total, in addition to the overall award of Distinguished Delegation for Cuba.

Individual awards were won by Anantha, Andrei, Christian, Daniel, Ethan, Harshal and Ionut.

In MUN students effectively replace world leaders and diplomats, in a representation of the United Nations. Split into committees, each country (or delegation) has a representative delegate in each committee, to ensure that the interests of their delegation are accurately represented when tackling real-world issues.

This year, topics of discussion included the international arms trade to the worldwide COVID response, stretching as far as the question of the efficacy of the UN peacekeeping force, the war in Yemen and even nuclear disarmament in space.

As always, MUN cannot be done without an immense amount of help from teachers and students alike - Mrs Riaz, Mr Chase, Mrs Heaslip, Mrs Shams and Dr Reda greatly supported the MUN team this year.

Harshal Sadwelkar, Year 13
Secretary-General of WBGS Model United Nations