Writing Development at the British Library

14 Dec 2022

On a cold November morning, Year 13 English students congregated around the entrance to the British Library, prepared for a day of workshops ahead. With a mid-morning start time, we descended into the bowels of the library to begin our work. Our true leader for the day was the ‘Writing Development Toolkit’ - a booklet designed to develop writing skills through practice and discussion. We analysed different writing styles, identified how to maximise clarity and, most importantly, developed our understanding of academic writing.
After a short introduction to essay planning, we took a break and had lunch, before being given a whistle-stop tour of the library, including a brief glimpse into one of its reading rooms.

Deconstructing arguments and plots became our next focus, with some very interesting stories, including Peppa Pig, being explored. Time is sadly finite, and before long our day was over. Thank you Alice for taking us through the day!

Wesley Akum-Ojong
Year 13