Parent Contributions

Every contribution, no matter how small, whether regular or a one-off, helps the school to fulfil its mission of providing the highest quality education for every student.

Set up your regular parent contribution Direct Debit online here:

WBGS Parent Contributions - online Direct Debit registration links will be sent to new parents before 13th July 2022.  Please monitor your email. 

The day-to-day budget of the school continues to face real pressures. The Government has introduced a National Funding Formula for schools, and although this has increased the amount that we receive in grants, it fails to cover the additional external cost pressures that the school faces, and which are outside the school’s control. This is before we account for the impact of successive Coronavirus lockdowns which have seriously limited our capacity to raise revenue by letting out our facilities, alongside the increasing operating costs of the school heavily impacted by the price of energy. 

All parental contributions are paid to the Watford Fuller Foundation (WFF), a charity set up to support and develop the education of all boys attending Watford Grammar School for Boys.

The WFF gives money to the school to assist our day-to-day operations, as well as supporting capital projects such as building new classrooms or other facilities, in addition to external funding the school applies for.

These funds have made possible many of the facilities and resources that all our boys benefit from during their time here; for example, we could not have secured external funding to build our new STEM Centre if we had not been prepared to put up funds from the WFF too. Additionally, the significant improvements in our sporting facilities, including the new fitness centre, pavilion and all-weather pitch, were all made possible through grants from the WFF.

We also use these funds to provide an extensive and easily accessible counselling service to support the wellbeing of all of our students.  

If we are to maintain the high academic standards and pastoral support that our students currently enjoy, and provide the type of education which rivals the very best in the private sector, we need your help.

That is why we suggest a regular contribution of £40 per month – that’s around £2.60 per school day, roughly the price of a coffee.

If you are a UK taxpayer then, with Gift Aid, your donations give us an extra 25p for every £1 you give.

We welcome any contribution that you can afford and of course, understand that some parents will not be in a position to give such support, and, as always, you have complete assurance that this will in no way affect your son.

  • Name: Watford Fuller Foundation
  • Address: Watford Grammar School for Boys, Rickmansworth Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 7JF and
  • Charity registration number: 1062184