Student Publications and Blogs

Student written and edited publications facilitate the development of key skills and enhance the learning journey of our students, whilst providing interesting reading for members of the school community.

At present we Sixth Formers have the opportunity to demonstrate their intellect and writing skills in the academic blog The Looking Glass and The Goggle science magazine - written and edited by a team of Sixth Formers.

The Looking Glass Academic Blog

Welcome to The Looking Glass, WBGS' very own academic blog. Here you'll find all sorts of interesting articles and essays produced by the students and staff of WBGS, spanning all subjects and interests, whether they're on the curriculum or not.

The Looking Glass Academic Blog

The Goggle

The Goggle, is the official WBGS science newsletter! You will find a range of articles articles composed by students in the Year 12.

Yousuf Khwaja
Student Editor 2023

The Goggle Summer 2023

Harshal Sadwelkar and Zain Mohammed
Student Editorial Team 2022 - 2023

The Goggle - Spring 2022