Creativity & Culture Curriculum

Culture and Creativity (CY) 2021 course overview


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Half-Term 2

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Half-Term 6


Human civilisation

Culture and world power


Cultural Heroes

Responsibilities and values - the self and others

British Values and Citizenship


To consider the history of humanity, including the history of cultural evolution and the evolution of religions. Explore the themes of light and dark in religious teaching and history. Explore this within photography.

To consider the impacts of world power and cultural subjugation. Then examine how mediums of art from indigenious people is used as a ‘combat’ and political statement against such subjugation.

To consider how and why cultures have traditions of storytelling. What the importance of storytelling is to human and world development. Explore how music can be a story or journey

To look at cultural heroes, past and present and consider their validity and morality. Look at statues of potentially contentious figures. Should they still be held as heroes? At what point must we change our perception of heroism?

To explore the question what responsibilities do human beings have for others and the world? How have these changed as time has moved on. Consider ‘morality’ texts and points of reference for this change.

To explore British values and citizenship. To include the rule of law, democracy, individual liberty and mutual respect. Look at the roles played by public institutions and voluntary groups in society, and the ways in which citizens work together to improve their communities, including opportunities to participate in school-based activities



Model making

Online journal

Presentation to peers

Piece of art in response to a world social issue. Can be a personal statement or as part of a movement.

Compose a piece of music which tells a story. Can be related or based on a cultural story or personal.

Design a statue that they would replace one they consider ‘outdated’ with. Then a piece of the students choice on a particular cultural hero.

A drama performance showing understanding of human responsibility.


A short film in groups in the style of an election video or public service announcement.

Photo's in the gallery below show exploration in the themes and features of light and dark. The drawings/collage are from the culture and world power module.