Remote Learning

Autumn Term 2021

Updated 10th September 2021

In accordance with Government guidance the regulations for isolation have now changed.  Only those who have tested positive are required to isolate.  Therefore, large numbers of students isolating and requiring access to remote learning (as experienced in the previous academic year) will be diminished and so our remote learning provisions has been updated accordingly.

Students isolating with Covid-19 may be asymptomatic but experience suggests that many will be unwell with symptoms and enable to engage with remote learning.

Students who are isolating but are asymptomatic and feel well enough to engage with remote learning will be set work in Google Classroom.

The set work will be determined by the subject teachers and could include the same material being accessed by the class in school or relevant alternatives such as lessons provided via Oak Academy.

In some instances, a teacher may decide that it is appropriate for a student to join the lesson live through video-conferencing, but these are likely to be the exception rather than the rule – this will be determined by the nature of the content being delivered and accessibility of the facilities in school.

It is important to recognise that we are unlikely to have whole classes or even a significant minority of any one class in isolation as was the case last year. Should circumstances change, we will review our approach once more.

Students who are isolating with symptoms are not required to access remote learning and should focus on recovery

All students who are required to isolate will be contacted by our pastoral team to support them through this period of isolation and help them to catch up with their studies on return if they have not been able to study during their time in isolation.

Remote Learning Access - Useful Links

Google classroom can be accessed using the following links:

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Wellbeing during the Pandemic

We recognise that the current situation can put pressures on mental wellbeing.  If you need support please don't hesitate to reach out.  You might find the following links of use:

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