Support the School

We actively welcome donations to support the development of facilities and resources for our students. Over the last 20 years, donations from parents, old boys, and trusts and charitable bodies have allowed many large and smaller-scale projects to come to fruition, keeping our provision of education facilities up-to-date and fit for purpose.

Every donation, no matter how small, whether regular or a one-off, helps the school to fulfil its mission of providing the highest quality education for every student.

Why we need your help

Parental contributions to the School all go to the Watford Fuller Foundation (WFF). The WFF gives money to the School to support our day to day operations and is a source of support when we undertake capital projects. The fact that we can put up money from our own resources often generates further funds from places that other schools cannot access.

The school operates under tight financial constraints including facing a reduction in the grant received from the Government.  Many public funds rightly focus on underperforming schools and disadvantaged communities, meaning that we have to look to parents, old boys and other organisations to help us maintain standards and continuously improve.

Why donate?

Watford Grammar School for Boys provides excellent value for money in matching the quality of education that might be expected at a top independent school in a state school context. We are seeking to maximise our income in several ways, including increasing the range and frequency of our lettings and attracting sponsorship for some of our projects. However, support from parents and old boys is an essential part of our overall fundraising efforts to maintain our position at the forefront of local and national education.

We need to be able to invest in excellent staff and facilities by using donations to support our revenue budget. That is why annual or monthly contributions to the School are so crucial. 

How to donate

Parents who are tax payers can make their contribution go further through Gift Aid - for every £1 donated the WFF receives an additional 25p through the government's Gift Aid scheme.

We are truly grateful to those parents who currently make regular donations.

A copy of the Parent Contribution Standing Order Form can be downloaded here

A copy of the Parent Contribution Gift-Aid Form can be downloaded here

If you would like to learn more about parental contributions please contact Mrs Burt in the Finance Office.

Legacy giving

Have you considered remembering Watford Grammar School for Boys in your will?

Any legacies that donors give to charity are exempt from inheritance tax and could reduce the amount of inheritance tax that would otherwise be payable on an estate.

Donors should state the following information:

Name: Watford Fuller Foundation

Address: Watford Grammar School for Boys, Rickmansworth Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 7JF and

Charity registration number: 1062184