Wellbeing at WBGS

Our students’ wellbeing is our top priority and we aim to ensure our students are mentally healthy and that if they face any issues, the school has the resources and knowledge to help.

We want boys to be able to:

  • Develop psychologically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually
  • Initiate, develop and sustain mutually satisfying personal relationships
  • Use and enjoy solitude
  • Become aware of others and empathise with them
  • Play and learn
  • Develop a sense of right and wrong
  • Resolve (face) problems and setbacks and learn from them.

All our pupils benefit from our wellbeing curriculum, which is designed to nurture the skills and attributes needed to sustain wellbeing.  Information about WBGS' wellbeing curriculum is available here.

The whole school approach

Positive practices and environment for all pupils include:

  • Support and training for staff to build skills, capacity and their own resilience
  • A clear vision and values that are understood and consistently communicated – through assemblies, mental health ambassadors, and a growth mindset culture
  • A support network that enables pupils to develop social relationships – through our 50+ extra-curricular activity options, prefects, the house system, and learning support
  • A curriculum that values life skills, including social and emotional skills
  • Teaching that develops resilient learning
  • Effective partnerships with parents

Support systems for those at risk include:

  • Weekly pastoral meetings between SENCo, Head of Year and the Assistant Headteacher responsible for pastoral care for the relevant year
  • Targeted interventions based on the individual need
  • Learning Support, with an open door policy, self referral and a chill-out area available
  • Closer contact with parents as required

Additional support for the most vulnerable includes:

  • Personalised curriculum and exam access arrangements
  • Working together with parents and outside agencies

Transgender children


Some students may experience gender variation or transgender issues during their time in secondary education. These children may find it hard to be accepted by their peers, experience loneliness and be susceptible to bullying. As a result of this, and their worries about their gender, schoolwork can also suffer.


The Equality Act 2010 includes the protected characteristic of 'gender reassignment' - this  is widely taken to include anyone who is outside the accepted gender norms, or who acts as though they might one day have gender reassignment, even if they eventually do not, or has had / will have gender reassignment. The school recognises that it should take steps to support and integrate trans- and gender variant children, and to alleviate any discomfort they may feel.



WBGS LGBTQ+ runs weekly in school , providing students with an opportunity to meet up in a friendly and welcoming space.  If you would like to come along please e-mail Ms. F Woods for more information. 


Safe Space

Since September 2017, WBGS has worked with Safe Space (part of the Hertfordshire counselling service). A counsellor is available to any student who requires it. Students can self-refer and the service is completely confidential. For maximum confidentiality students can refer by placing a note in the Confidential Box or by contacting Mr MacLeod. Alternatively they can ask any teacher, but particularly their form tutor or Head of Year.

Mental Health Support Team - April 2021

The new Watford Mental Health Support Team is part of the NHS working directly in schools to help improve children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Find out more about here:

MHST Information for families

MHST letter home 19/04/2021

External resources

The following resources may be helpful for those seeking professional help with their mental health: