Online safety


This page provides links to useful sources of information about online safety.


If you are a student or young person with a concern about the online safety of you or someone you know, you can report it safely here.


For parents

The school’s online safety policy can be viewed here 

You may find these resources for parents from National Online Safety and Parent Info useful:

ECP Ltd is an external consultancy that has provided workshops about online safety to our pupils and parents.  You can view the slides from their latest presentation to parents here:

ECP Online Safety for Parents 


Online safety in the curriculum

The below table briefly outlines the range of topics covered in PSHE for each year group, Y7-Y11.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Term  Topic Term  Date / Topic Term  Topic Term  Topic Term  Topic
Autumn   Autumn   Autumn   Autumn   Autumn  
  Starting WBGS / Anxiety   Cyber Bullying   Introduction to GCSE    Drugs   Mental Health
  Bullying   Sexting   Alcohol Awareness   Sexual Health   Barclays Money Skills
  Growth Mindset   Gaming addiction   Diet and Exercise   Sexual Relations   CV Writing
  Managing Relationships       Body Image   Teenage Pregnancy    
  Plastics / Environment           Abortion    
Spring   Spring   Spring   Spring   Spring  
  What is Jihad?   Mental health   Gaming Addiction   Instagram/ Personal Data   Stress
  Healthy Lifestyles       LGBT   Digital Footprint   Time Management
  Resilience       Radicalisation    Womens Rights   Diet and Exercise
  Truth and Consequence       Smoking    Knife Crime / Safety    
  Online Safety (Basics)       Plastics / Environment   Plastics / Environment    
  World News       Sexual Health (Basic)        
Summer   Summer   Summer   Summer   Summer