Year 7

Secondary Transfer 2019

Our next Open Event will be on Saturday 29 September, 9am to 12 noon. Tours of the School will be available during the event and there is no need to register.  Please note, we will not be organising tours for secondary transfer prior to Open Morning.

To view our prospectus, please click here

For our Admissions Policy for entry in September 2019, please see our Admissions Policy page

For information regarding secondary transfer to Year 7 in 2019 please view this document

You can download our School Information Form (SIF) for entry in September 2019 here. Please note that the SIF cannot be returned electronically and if you require a receipt you must enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your SIF. The deadline for completed SIFs to be received by the school is 31st October. This is also the deadline to make your secondary school application to your Local Education Authority.

Registration for the academic and music tests is now closed. Late registrations cannot be accepted.

Secondary Transfer 2018
To see the lowest test scores and furthest distances offered, please view this document

For information regarding appeals, please view this document

For our determined Admissions Policy for entry in September 2018, please see our Admissions Policy page


Please note that we will not deal with admissions queries over the telephone as our calls are not recorded. Please email the  Admissions Secretary with any enquiries.