The Science Department is jointly headed by Mr Hensman and Dr Sykesud.  Within science there are the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Departments, and science is taught as a mixed subject in Years 7 and 8.

Most science teaching takes place within the Science Centre.  This is a bold, three-storey building, with Biology housed on the ground floor, Chemistry on the second floor and Physics in the middle.  Each floor has its preparation room. There are also three Science Laboratories in the General Science area, and one in the STEM Centre along with two ‘flexible’ classrooms.  As our emphasis is upon practical science, our laboratories are equipped with gas and water supplies, with the usual interactive IT equipment.

Mr Rowe is the Head of Biology, Mr Hensman the Head of Physics and Dr Sykesud the Head of Chemistry.  Other positions of responsibility within the Science Department are held by Mrs Butler, Key Stage 3; Mr Parry, visits, visitors and CASE; Dr Purcell, STEM Programme Co-ordination and UCAS; and Mrs Uberoi, Key Stage 4.

Other science staff include: Dr Cerezo Balsera, Dr Cianci, Dr Clarke, Mr Cochrane, Mr Collins, Mr Cooksey, Mrs Khow, Dr Leach, Mr Mason, Mrs Miller, Mr Page, Dr Pozzi, Dr Sadler, Mrs Wallis, Dr White and Mrs Williamson.

Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage 3 scheme of work is custom-written and is covered in Years 7 and 8.  In Year 7, boys are taught by one science teacher in form groups.  They are then partially placed in sets and taught science by another teacher in Year 8.

In Year 7, the boys study themes from the three main scientific disciplines.  These include cells, reproduction, variety and classification; chemical reactions and interacting particles; heating, cooling and energy resources.  In Year 8, these themes are developed to include plants, respiration, inheritance; environmental chemistry and the reactivity of metals; space, electricity, magnets.

The teaching of CASE (Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education) is a feature of KS3.  This approach focuses upon a pupil’s learning how to learn through the development of thinking skills.  CASE lessons are integrated into the scheme of work.


From Year 9, all pupils are taught in separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics classes.

From Year 10, a selection of our boys take the AQA “Combined Science: Trilogy”, 8464, award.  The rest take the AQA Triple Science courses, 8461, 8462 and 8463.  The courses’ websites are

A Level

A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered.  Chemistry and Physics take their examinations through the Welsh Joint Education Committee, the WJEC, under their Eduqas programme for schools in England.  The Biology Department has settled on the Pearson course.  These represent the most suitably academic and rigorous courses for our requirements.  The WJEC has details of these courses on its website, whilst details of the Pearson course can be found here.