Academic Results

Watford Grammar School for Boys has an impressive reputation as one of the leading comprehensive secondary schools in the UK.

Over the last three years alone we have twice been named amongst the Financial Times top state schools. Ofsted recently named WBGS as an outstanding example of best practice in the teaching of mathematics and the Sutton Trust praised the school for having one of the highest ratios of successful applications to leading universities. 
Coupled with this academic excellence is our commitment to offer all our pupils the opportunity to excel outside the classroom through the provision of an enriching programme of extra-curricular activity such as music, drama, sport, engineering or business skills.

The DfE publishes comparative data in official performance tables each year. This information provides a means by which schools can be compared using the current metrics for measuring attainment and progress in Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.To view the DfE Performance tables please click here.

A Levels

The 2017 results are below.


A*                          14%

A*/A                       39%

A*/B                       67%

A*/E                       99%



The 2017 GCSE exam results highlights are below. In 2016 the school was ranked 7th amongst state comprehensive schools.



A* (or L8,9)                     21%

A*/A (or L7,8,9)              49%

A*- C                               92%