The Old Fullerians' Association

The Old Fullerians' Association enables Old Fullerians to meet and keep in touch with one another, as well as with the School and its staff.

The Association also aims to help the School either as a body or through its individual members; indeed, one of its constitutional objects is "to further the interests of the School by giving it every assistance". We do this through our regular events - the annual dinner, quiz evenings and our London networking events - as well as our annual school days.

We have run the Lower Sixth Careers Day with the school for the last four years, which sees 40 members, teachers and friends offer advice to groups of Sixth Formers trying to decide what to do next. We also run the Year 10 "Dragons Den", offering up to £2,000 to fund the best proposal offered by the boys for the school.

The OFA also runs the Old Fullerians' Cricket Club (OFCC), The Old Fullerians' Association Football Club and the Old Fullerians' Golf Society

Membership is just £15 per year, which supports our ongoing activities and helps us provide ongoing support for the school. Membership is free for WBGS alumni for the first four years after they leave the school.

To enquire about membership or the OFA's activities, please email