Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages department consists of an experienced staff that is dedicated to promoting languages and language learning. In contrast to most schools nationally, languages remain a popular option at both GCSE and A Level each year.

The Department

All full-time staff teach in dedicated MFL rooms which are all equipped with data projectors and interactive whiteboards. Pupils enjoy regular access to ICT laboratories.

Key Stage 3

At the start of Year 7 pupils are allocated one of French or German.  Pupils gain a firm grounding in one of these languages, building on the transferable language learning skills from primary school. They then choose a second language from French, German, Spanish which they study in Years 8 and 9, alongside their first language. At the end of Year 9, pupils may opt to study their first, second or both languages for GCSE. 

In each language pupils are taught how to express ideas in the past, present and future tenses and have the opportunity to achieve level 6 or above by the end of Year 9.

Key Stage 4

All students are required to take at least one language to GCSE level. For the current academic year, students follow the AQA course where controlled assessments are taken at four intervals over the two years. The writing and speaking controlled assessments are worth 60%, with the remaining 40% comprised of a Listening and Reading Examination taken at the end of Year 11. Our results as a department continue to be outstanding year on year. In 2008,  the German Department was presented the award by the Good Schools Guide for the best GCSE results nationally. 

A’ levels

In contrast to the national trend, languages at Watford Grammar School for Boys continue to be extremely popular with large numbers of students opting to follow courses in French, German and Spanish each year.

We follow the AQA AS/A2 course in each language and students are issued with a core textbook (AQA, Elan, Zeitgeist or Animo) for the duration of the course. Students sit the AS Level examination at the end of the Lower Sixth and A2 at the end of the course in the Upper Sixth.

Trips and Exchanges


  • Europa Centre (Year 7)
  • Arsenal Double Club (Year 7)
  • Lille Day Trip (Year 9)
  • French Exchange to Paris (Years 8&9)
  •  A Level Revision Conference (LVI)


  • Europa Centre (Year 7)
  •  Arsenal Double Club (Year 7)
  • Vienna Trip (Year 8)
  • German Exchange to Mainz (Year 9-LVI)
  •  A Level Revision Conference (LVI)


  • Europa Centre (Year 8)
  • Arsenal Double Club (Year 8)
  • A Level Revision Conference (LVI)