Medical Care

Mrs Wilson is the school Matron, if you wish to discuss any health issues or concerns regarding your son she can be contacted on 01923 208900 Ext 206.

Matron cannot administer medication to students unless it is provided by a parent/guardian in the original package with a letter giving written permission for her to do so. Parents will be contacted, unless specific arrangements are made for an individual boy. All medication given into school is stored in the Medical room or the NEW FIELD upon request.

Boys with Asthma should carry their own inhalers with them at all times; Matron will only keep a spare inhaler for a student if specifically requested by parents.

If your son is prescribed an Epipen he should carry one in his bag and give a second one to Matron (clearly named). A passport-size photograph is also requested for boys with an Epipen.

School Trips - Parents must provide all medication for their child, for example Epipens, Antihistamines and Asthma Inhalers for any Day or Residential Trips. Emergency School Asthma Inhalers will not be sent on Trips.


There is a Medical room available for the boys to receive treatment for injuries sustained in school and report to if they are feeling unwell. If your son feels too unwell to continue with his lessons, a parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to collect him. Students are not allowed to contact their parents by phone to collect them, they should always see Matron first who will then contact parents if required.

Please ensure that we have your current and up-to-date contact details and Matron and the office staff are made aware of any alternative contacts for your son.

No boy is allowed to leave school if they are unwell or injured unless Matron has spoken to a parent/guardian first. He must then be collected by a parent or delegated relative /carer and signed out in the main reception.

If your son is unwell and cannot attend school, you must contact the School Reception as soon as possible to inform us that he will not be able to attend. On the day of he returns to school, he MUST bring in a letter to his Form Tutor explaining the reason for his absence. ANY BOY THAT HAS BEEN VOMITTING AND/OR HAS DIARRHOEA MUST BE FREE FROM THIS FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE THEY RETURN TO SCHOOL. 

Immunisation to protect against Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio and Meningitis C takes place when your son is in Year 10 and information and permission slips will be sent home in advance of the immunisations taking place. If the Health Authority proposes other immunisations, parents will be notified in the same way.

There is a confidential service provided by School Health Nurses which is an NHS support agency, if any boy requests this service appointments are made via Matron.